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A 90th birthday party during the Lay Retreat in June 2016.

July 23, 1926 – May 14, 2017

Eileen’s 91st Birthday.

July 23rd would have been Eileen’s 91st birthday. Today, she is celebrating in the kingdom. See a few pictures from one of Eileen’s 90th birthday parties here.






Throughout the history of salvation, God has chosen ordinary people to show His love to the world. These people have been given extraordinary gifts to assist in their God given mission. In our times, so wrapped in confusion and uncertainty, the Lord has done just that. He has raised up a woman who is a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Fr. Jay Finelli, Eileen, Earleen (Eileen's daughter and Fr. Jim Caldarella (left to right)

Fr. Jay Finelli, Eileen, Earleen (Eileen’s daughter and Fr. Jim Caldarella (left to right)

Eileen George is a woman with many exceptional supernatural gifts and a unique mission from God. This mission flows from Eileen’s unique relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Her spiritual director states: “Eileen knows heaven as we know earth.”

Eileen’s extraordinary gifts of inspired preaching, healing, prophecy and knowledge are just a few of the many supernateral graces that the Father has bestowed upon Eileen to lead His people back or deeper into the life of the Sacraments. The power of her preaching can lead a full church to receive the Sacrament of Penance with many Priests performing the Sacrament for long hours.

One of the remarkable things about Eileen is that dispite her many supernatural gifts, she remains an ordinary woman with a great sense of humor. It is to this woman that the Lord has entrusted the Meet the Father Ministry.


Eileen with Bishop Joseph A. Pepe & Bishop William J. McNaughton, M.M. at Eileen’s 2013 Priests Retreat, St. Benedict Abby, Still River, MA

The Meet the Father Ministry has taken Eileen and her teaching throughout the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, South Korea, the Phillipines, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Aruba and Dutch West Indies.

People often ask if Eileen George is trustworthy. “Is her ministry in accord with the Catholic Church”, “Is she real or a fake?” Throughout the history of the Church God has raised up men and women with extraordinary gifts, charisms, and radical love for God so that there might be a renewal within the whole of the the Church. We know of people like St. Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Francis & Claire of Assisi and Catherine of Siena. Each of these people were rejected as troublemakers and extremes until they were proved by God and the Church. The above mentioned men and women, although very unique individuals, have a common thread that weaves throughout their lives. First, they were people of deep faith, who lived on the grace of a strong Sacramental life. Second, they were in complete submission to the Church. Third, they were unfailingly united to the successor of St. Peter – the Pope.


Fr. Damien (Abbot of Gethsemani), Bishop Pepe (Las Vegas), Eileen, Archbishop Pearce

This same thread can be seen in the life of Eileen George. She is a woman of deep faith. Her whole life is centered on Jesus Christ and the road to holiness. Eileen has a deep love for and experience of the Sacramental life. In her own words, “I could not live one day without receiving the lover of my soul in Holy Communion.”


Eileen’s ministry is in complete submission to the Church. Through the years, Eileen’s spiritual life was guided by a Trappist Monk, and ministry directed by the monk, an Archbishop, and several priests. All of Eileen’s books and video tapes are scrutinized by her board of directors before they are released to the public. Eileen’s teaching and healing ministry began through the direct intervention of the Bishop of Worcester, and continues under his guidence. All of Eileen’s services, conferences and retreats are only accepted with a letter of permission from the Bishop of the diocese that she will enter.

Eileen’s ministry has been praised and welcomed by Bishops and Cardinals from around the country and the world.

Read more about Eileen and her ministry here.

Eileen with Archbishop George Pearce



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  1. how can i contact eileen george and meet the father ministry. I would really like to meet eilieen george, and have her pray over me? (if thats what she does)

  2. Are the messages you receive available free online or through a newsletter.
    Thank you,
    Marie Hall

  3. Are the messages you’ve received available free online or through a newsletter for those who can’t purchase your books?
    Thank you,
    Marie Hall

  4. Hi,
    Are the messages you’ve received available free online or through a newsletter for those who can’t purchase your books?
    Thank you,
    Marie Hall

  5. Dear Eileen:
    Praying for your ministry! May God Bless you and I thank you for what you do. I was healed of asthma 2 years at St johns. God is so Awesome! and you are his awesome servant! Hope to meet you again love and prayers deb

    • Dear Deb,
      Please obtain a letter from your doctor attesting to this healing and send it to Meet-the-Father Ministry at the address in the “contact” link.
      God bless!

  6. Would like to meet Eileen George for a healing, if possible. Want to attend the retreat at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.Can I get more information. Is it a daily retreat or do you stay there all weekend ? THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS

    • Mary, you will want to contact St. Elizabeth Ann Seton directly. I’m sure you will not be staying at the church, but they can advise you on what time it will take place.

  7. Hi,I attended retreat at netcong in July , NJ
    I want to buy firstday of CD. I contected Netcong parish they said they don’t carry anything and ask mtf ministry.
    How can i get the CD?

  8. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being with Eileen George in Worcester on a Sunday. I spoke briefly with her and purchased her book entitled BEACON OF GOD’S LOVE. The date was November 25, 2006. It was a beautiful spiritual day with Eileen. I recently moved from Massachusetts to Illinois. I would like to know her schedule of speaking engagements so I can pass that information on to others. She is wonderful and a great motivational speaker from the heart. Sincerely, Eileen Huff

  9. Eileen–Thank you for the opportunity to ministry in song at Malvern this past week. I will be better prepared for next year–if you want. Blessings!

  10. I was at St. John’s church this past Sunday, on November 27th for the healing service. During which time Mrs. George you called out that Jesus was healing some people with lower back pain. Since I have had lower back pain for YEARS I thought to myself that I would grab on to that healing for myself but after that I didn’t give it much thought, until I would say a good 24 hours later when I noticed that my daily back pain was no more. It is now 3 days later with no back pain and I know without a doubt that Jesus has healed me. Praise be to Jesus!!! I would also like to add that I did not go to the healing service with that prayer request on my mind but I had a different prayer request instead. My particular prayer request was not called out. Mrs. George I realize that it doesn’t mean that Jesus will not heal me of the request I hold in my heart but everything is in His good time for a very good reason. I beleive that with every fiber of my being. But I was hoping that you would pray for me in the mean time. Still I am SOOO grateful to our Lord for surprising me with the healing of my lower back pain. I would also like to say that you and in particular your son are in my prayers. God Bless you Mrs. George!!!

  11. Would like to know how to respond to people who say that the healings called out are repetitive? (I.E. someone has a bottle of Jack Daniels in the overcoat pocket in the office and should pour it out to avoid going further into alcoholism and another time someone had the same situation but with a bottle of Vodka).

  12. Dear Eileen,
    I read in your newsletter that your son, Earl needs prayers.
    I will pray for him. I hope all is ok:-)
    Love and prayers, Jean

  13. Have been going to Eileen’s ‘services’ for maybe 20 years. Once in the monthly Worcester service ‘she’ answered a question – no way she could have known – that I asked to be answered. Remarkable. My faith has grown a lot through attending Eileen’s services first in Worcester then in Vegas. I found that it added a new dimension to my life. Her books certainly challenged me to keep an open mind – but what do I know about the Father –God? I asked to learn more about Him – and believe my prayers were answered. Thanks Eileen for your reverent work.

  14. Years ago, (in Bullville, NY), Eileen prayed a beautiful, spontaneous healing prayer over me and a friend who were attending the meeting. It has certainly been absolutely “coming to pass” very faithfully, just as she said it would, and the memory of that beautiful prayer and prediction still bring me great joy whenever they come to mind. Such light and joy, true freedom and relief and deliverance. I will give thanks for Eileen and her ministry, all the days of my life! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be praised! All the glory to God!

    I’m “new” on the computer, and just now found this web-site! God is Good! I’m blessed to be able to say, “Thank you, Eileen!”

  15. Thanks Eileen The Peace you gave to my Mother and by extension Myself can not be expressed enough in words, I hope to meet you again… Thanks for all your ministery has done for ppl like me

  16. I would like to think that Eileen would have a prayer line of people in the Catholic church praying for all those in need because as a prayer person at my Catholic church it is very hard doing that on your own. Lisa

  17. Hello Eileen, Will you be visiting Long Island in the future? I’d like to see you again..

  18. My goodness, a comment or two I would like to respond to. Years ago, someone who worked with my husband went to one of Eileen’s healing missions or whatever you call them after Mass– of course, Jesus is always the center. This person remembered me in prayer. I had Lyme disease and was home sick for a year with first, the rash, then, fevers, aches, heart and joint problems and a stabbing pain. My husband and I also were praying a couple years to conceive, to become parents. This women met me at work and said healings were called out, she went with our intentions for healing, was set on fire with such joy– and she was NOT a joyful person prior to this, she suffered such melancholia and was on meds.– and gave me the Green Scapular she picked up that night after the healing service. I was instantly healed. We became pregnant not long after that. Fast forward, my family sees Eileen at our parish and my husband has a deeper conversion and is called to a lay ministry. I again am healed, in my lungs this time, didn’t even ask for it and have a profound spiritual experience along with it. Five years later at another service , Eileen called out a cessation of the spread of cervical cancer. Our family was suffering because I had just been given so many tests and having so many problems with that. And we weren’t even praying for a cure. We just went to Mass, for the joy to see her again, to be immersed in God’s Presence, to pray for priests. Sure, we were downcast, but I never thought to ask for a healing at all. So my doctors kept their eyes on it, but it has been many years and my doctor reports no cancer; looked like it, but it is NOT there. Just do my annual check up. I reminded my husband Eileen said it would not get any worse. It hasn’t; that was 2001-2002. And we went on a trip right after that, I was so happy because I felt she had called out a healing for me– having witnessed her before so many times, it was not something I ever heard called out before. I leave all decisions to the Magisterium, but I feel compelled to report these things for the purpose to instruct those quick to judge.

  19. George and I were on retreat with you in Assisi…back in 1989 or 1990. I love you. Would love a pray or two. All my animals say “hi”. If my Wolf cat will let the vet vaccinate him next week I hope to get my 5th kitty at the SPCA-Snowflake
    Love and prayers
    , Betsy
    PS you blessed a Saint Francis medal with animals for me!!!!!!

  20. Hi Eileen,
    I went to the June 8th,1012 retreat in Stillriver, MA. On Saturday I went to confession as you suggested that everyone do. While saying my Act of Contrition, I started to cry. When I was finished Fr. Lance said that he believed I got a healing. I thought to myself, yes, I was forgiven of my sins (a spiritual healing). Thank you Father God.
    I hadn’t really gone to the retreat expecting any healings, just to hear Eileen talk more about our Daddy God. Although I have artheritis in 3 vertibrae in my neck, and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and knee joint problems, and we won’t even talk about my feet. Some days at work I hurt so bad I can hardly walk. I don’t know from week to week how long I will be able to work..
    The next day while going about on the rest of the retreat, it occurred to me that I didn’ have any pain in my back, neck or anywhere else. I remained silent because I thought, maybe I just got a good night’s sleep and it helped.
    The next day when I got to work I shared what happened to a friend.Everyday after that when I got to work I would say to my friend it has been 2 days (3days, 4 days, 5 days etc. etc. ) without any pain. It has been 43 days without pain. Thank you, Father (Daddy God)

  21. Hello Eileen,
    I have read so many of different people and familys healings and conversions that I am a believer. I Love Jesus with my whole heart and I believe in healings. I have a dear friend who has a debilitating disease. She has told me about you and this is why I am writting to you now. Would there be any chance you could come to Glassboro,NJ. The Church is Mary Mother of Mercy in Glassborro. My paster is Father Jim Cassadia. I know that you are a very busy. Could you please let me know whether this could be a possibility.
    Shan Grande

  22. On May 21st 2010 I was at a Healing Service with Eileen when she had a word of knowledge of a marriage that the Lord was in the process of restoring. I confirm today that the Lord brought my Wife home after a three year separation. In the words of Elieen isn’t the Lord wonderful ! Thank you Lord Jesus!

  23. Hi
    How can I contact Eileen?

    I am the Korean Parish in Calgary Canada and our prayer grounp want to get a retreat with her.

    If you have any information please email to me.


  24. How can I get in touch with Eileen.

    I am in the Korean Parish and want to invite her and get a retreat next year.

    Please give a contact point with her.