“It takes humility to forgive. And if you won’t forgive then you can be sure that you have pride there, they walk hand-in-hand. To say, “I’m sorry, please forgive me” or “I’m sorry, I forgive you. I know you really didn’t mean it.” Or maybe they did mean it, but forgive. In forgiving you’re Christ like, you’re God like, a Child of God, because you’re adopting His forgiving nature, and you can only do this by acceptance to grace. Grace given to you freely from Father God, and then we feel so good inside. You feel like you’ve been through the ringer, the washer and you’re feeling so good to say, “I forgive you” or “please forgive me, let’s be friends, we’ll try again.” (Taken from “The Father’s Good news Letter” Sept-Dec 2003, © Meet the Father Ministry, Used with permission)

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