The Father

“I opened my eyes and there I saw the most beautiful man that I have ever seen. He was sitting on a throne, wearing kingly attire made of light. It looked like material, but when you went to touch it, your hand went through it. I looked up at Him, and He had the most beautiful face with the ruddiest skin I have ever seen. He looked like He was in the sun all the time, not just for a week. And His eyes were the bluest eyes. And when I looked at Him, I could feel my heart throbbing and beating so fast. He was clean shaven, no mustache, no beard. His hair was white, like spun silk, falling in very soft waves to His shoulders, not matted. Inside I felt like He was the Father. I fell in love with Him immediately. But always suspicious, I said, ‘Who is it?’ He said, ‘Eileen, I’m the Father; I love you so much; I took a form so you could love me. I’m God; I can do anything I want.” (Taken from: “The Father’s Good News Letter” January-April 2003, © Meet the Father Ministry, Used with permission.)

About Fr. Jay Finelli

Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He is a webmaster, podcaster, and blogger. In his free time, Father is an avid Live Steam enthusiast.

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