Netcong, New Jersey

August 6-8, 2009  (Thursday-Saturday)
St. Michael’s Church
Netcong, NJ 07857


Netcong, New Jersey — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Eileen,
    A good friend of mine has been speaking so highly of you and your holiness for over a year. On February 17th of 2010, my youngest son survive a life threatening head injury by a miracle of God. His depressed skull fracture with a bleed on the brain in which was receiving the impact of his skull was a result of a scary sledding accident. He is not only lucky to be alive but to be walking and talking without brain damage.
    I had gone to one of your healing services at St. Michael’s church in Netcong, NJ in early August with the intention of bringing him with me because he was having anger issues dealing with the fact that he was unable to participate in his favorite contact sports until further notice. (which will be at his next appointment this Monday, January 3, 2011.) HE refused to come with me so I attended the healing services alone.
    At that mass you had asked that if anyone were to receive a healing that we just write to you about it to let others know of your good fortune. Well, at one point you pointed to my area of the church and mentioned that there were a few of us that had been suffering from back problems and we would be healed. You had also pointed to who I thought was me, and stated that a young lady was concerned over financial burdens/issues and that she should have faith because everything was going to work itself out.
    Well, I may have gone there for my son, but it was I who received the healing for I did have a lower back issue for over two years that was affecting my ability to exercise without pain.
    A week or so prior to this healing a family friend advised that I should not be training for the New York City Marathon for my injury seemed identical to his that he also ignored for years and was at the time of this conversation recuperating from back surgery.
    I was running the marathon for a cause know as Miles for Miracles..the Children’s Hospital of Boston was receiving my commitment of $3000.00 for the young sick children, many of whom were in need of a miracle. I wanted to give back what I had received. When sending out my requests for donations letter, I had told my friends and family that I would train extra hard to finish in a qualifying time to compete in the Boston Marathon. My back issues were concerning me but I was offering them up for the cause.
    Well, my back problem was gone the very next day after the healing services. It took me a couple weeks to accept it as a healing! I have been meaning to write to you about this healing for as time went on my back continued to feel good as I surpassed my fundraising goals and finished the NYC Marathon in an amazing time.
    Although I qualified for the Boston Marathon it was too late for me to run this April 18th for the Boston Marathon closed in record timing of one day. I sent emails to important people involved in the Boston Marathon explaining my cause and how important it was for me to finish my quest of miracle building beliefs!! Also a good friend of mine used her connections to work on getting me into the Boston Marathon… and I am pleased to say I am in!!!! Yet another miracle…… I might win the Boston Marathon!!! Now that would be a miracle but if I put my faith and mind to it and do it for the intentions of creating miracles for others then so be it!!!!
    I am a single mother of three whose life was turned upside down last February only to be changed forever for I have an amazing new found faith in the power of prayer and in putting your trust and faith in God’s will.
    I am single not by my choice.. but for very personal reasons that have affected my ability to trust another man. I use my faith to ask God to help me on a regular basis with these anxieties and many others that go along with single motherhood, instead of waiting for extreme situations where you never realize that God is all you need until God is all you have. Also, I think it important for you to know that my finances did work themselves out!!! Although they are still a work in progress I will prevail with faith.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless you and guide you with the words to say and the power to heal so you can change the lives of so many like me!!!

    Forever blessed,