Striving for Holiness

I received a note and it said, “Eileen, what is the secret to holiness?”  Well, we can strive for holiness, but only God is holy. The Scripture tells you this. I find the secret to at least striving to be pleasing to God is silence and solitude. We find that so hard, to keep our mouth shut.  It seems that we have to be working all the time and talking all the time.  We no sooner get home, and we turn on the television or we’re on the phone.  We just don’t like silence and solitude. Yet, in silence and solitude, that’s where we can hear the voice of God.  Not in a ball game or a big commotion, or anything.  When you’re silent that’s when you hear the voice of God.  You’re paying more attention to Him and that’s when He is speaking to you more powerfully, because His beautiful words sink deep within your soul.

That’s where all the parables come from. I told you it’s in your silence and solitude that you begin to become more acquainted with our loving Daddy God.

(Taken from: “The Father’s Good News Letter” January – April, 2010, © Meet the Father Ministry, Used with permission.)


Striving for Holiness — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you for this beautiful message of silence and solitude. We need this because this world is so full of noise that if we don’t make an effort to have silence and solitude we will never pay full attention to our Dear Lord.

  2. I thank you for your words Eileen. This is so true. Sometimes we work and look for ”things” from our work and i see so many doing this. We drown out his voice and sometimes especially in these trying times when God is allowing us to lose a job it is because he is calling us to a greater purpose and i have to believe that because jobs are a dime a dozan out there and we are just a number to the world. Sad but God does use it. I have to believe that.

  3. cant get registration form for eileen george retreat june 17 thru 19th to come up what is schedule also for the events or the retreat?

  4. You have made me realize that I have the wonderful gift of being able to spend a lot of time in solitude. I have often felt guilty that I was not busier or feeling that I should be doing more. You have made me consider that I might be doing exactly what God wants and that is spending time with Him. God has actually reduced my responsibilities to very few. I go to Mass daily and then I have most of my day in solitude. I guess I won’t worry anymore. If God wants me busy then I will be busy, if He wants me to Himself then so be it.

  5. Thank you Eileen George for your example your words your faith and for doing as our FAther asks and may your health be blessed and continue with your mission and your words and healing that need to be given to others. Thank you for saying YES to the Lord and allowing him to be his instrument. God Bless U Amen

    • Please ask Eileen to pray to Father God for my daughter who is only 27 years of age and has a severe pelvic nerve (pudendal neuralgia) dysfunction. She had the surgery to release the nerve. She is on painkillers right now, but should be able to reduce them and has, but it is very difficult for her. She has tailbone pain that shoots down both legs off and on. She is doing better getting around, goes to Mass in wheelchair, because standing is too difficult, and sits on a special cushion. It is a cross, and we accept it as her parents, but she finds the pain , which may take up to 18 months to heal, but at least it is a healing pain, we hope. We pray the Rosary daily. Thank you. The Georges