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Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He is a webmaster, podcaster, and blogger. In his free time, Father is an avid Live Steam enthusiast.


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  1. Am MOST interested to know if there are any of the current messengers/visionaries, including Eileen, who have received messages for us concerning the current happenings/uprisings in our world, as well as the corruption & all in our US government & our economic troubles? Am interested in what is recommended, besides prayer, that we should be doing now to prepare for any & all that may be coming for us? Are there any current messages specific to the planet alignment expected in 2012?

  2. I have heard nothing about Eileen George for quite a while. What is her status?

  3. Thank you for the St.Joseph visit – 2011. You indicated that arthritis would lesson to our area of the church. My left hip was very bad, and I only went there to be around a “bleesed” person. Surprise to me -2 weeks later my pain disappeared! I never thiought of it the night I saw you. Thanks and many blessings to you. Sharon Deyeso, Medford

  4. I am interested in any materials from eileen george I already have 4 books. I believe there are tapes. How is Eileen? Thanks Mary Wilson

    • Eileen is well, but suffering as always. She had a beautiful service today at St. John’s in Worcester. I just got home from there.

      You can get Eillen’s newsletter. More info under publications.

      • Father, thank you so much for that information. I ordered her books three years ago. Read some, skimmed some and have no problem whatsoever believing what she writes or her relationship with God. It’s beautiful, strong and touching. I typed Meet the Father ministry this evening, 5-2-13, because I wanted to know if she was still alive. Give her thanks from me for her faithfulness to God and to His Church. A big hug to her and God bless, Tanya

  5. Does Eileen ever plan of making any visits too the Chicago area?
    I can’t make it to her ministry’s but is there anyway that I can have a blessing from her?? I really need one, I been suffering from alot of back problems, and a sharp pain on my side, please! Hear my prayers. Martha

  6. Dear Eileen,
    Please pray for my husband Arthur David Hartmann and myself. Please ask God to give us the Grace of Financial Healing. My husband has always worked at home as a sales rep. for companies in the Technology field. He can’t seem to make his company successful and feels that because he is reaching his 60 year’s of age no one will hire him and he doesn’t know how to work for someone else. We are living on borrowed money from high interest credit cards. I work full time but I don’t make enough to pay our rent of $2500. and all other bills. I have now borrowed 23,000 to help his company. I have to make payments on all the loans I have taken out to help him. He is a good husband loving and kind and I pray for him. Only God our Heavenly Father can help. Please pray, pray, and pray. Praise be to Jesus our Lord and God and the Holy Spirit. Amen Thank you. Celeste Hartmann

  7. please let me know particulars about Nov.23 servicefor a group coming from Jersey City N.J.,DONATION.FOOD,FACILITIES