Important Notices!

As I posted earlier this week, Eileen is in the hospital once again. Eileen requested that I ask for your prayers on this website. I saw Eileen on Wednesday and she is suffering. Please continue to pray!

Due to Eileen’s health, she may no longer fly or travel long distances. The upcoming retreat in November (St. Joseph-In-The-Hills) is cancelled.

There will be a retreat at St. Benedict Abbey, October 2-5. For more information select the “Schedule” link above.

Out of respect for Eileen’s privacy, please do not call or visit her home or the hospital. She needs much rest.

UPDATE: Eileen does not have the internet to read your comments. I will convey to her that you are all praying. If you would like to send her a little get well card, and write that you are praying, I am sure she would appreciate it. Send it to the ministry address and they will be given to Eileen.

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Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He is a webmaster, podcaster, and blogger. In his free time, Father is an avid Live Steam enthusiast.


Important Notices! — 13 Comments

  1. Eileen, You are in my prayers, I pray for your quick recovery according to God’s Holy Divine Will.

  2. i am suffering lyme borreliosy is terrible no cure many many roblems intestinal probably i stay deathing i cannot take antjobiotich but one pray fr ellien if le mie forze sono italiane reggono i tell to GOd

    • Loretta, I have a friend who has had Lyme for a long time, she is now being treated and is responding . Please research the Marshall Protocal. My friend could not tolerate antibiotic treatment. The Marshall Protocal is working. I will keep you in my prayers, Lori

  3. How sad and my prayers are with you Eileen and God is watching over you and I know that if enough people are praying he will take away the pains you are having. Please rest in the Lord.

  4. Dear Eileen,

    Thank you for uniting your many years of pain with the suffering of Christ for the
    salvation of mankind. Many years ago I received a physical healing through your ministry.

    Sincerely yours in Christ and Mary,

    Dom Chiango

  5. My prayer is for Eileen to be at peace and free of pain if at all possible. For God’s will to be done. Thank you, God, for coming to us thru Eileen. I am so grateful You, Lord, “tapped ever so lightly on my heart” to have me come to many of her retreats at Malvern. I think it was the first one I went to, she said
    “You can’t just be a Sunday Catholic”. I still struggle some, but God has helped me pray better, go to daily Mass most of the time, confession every 2-3 weeks, and adoration 3-4 times a week. It’s God, not me. Thank God He gave me the grace to know that. I’m grateful that, thru grace, Eileen allows God to help us! God really loves us! Love and prayers, Rita

  6. Dear Sweet Eileen. you won’t remember me -but I will never forget you. it was many, many years ago at St.Joseph in The Hills that I went on retreat with you and many other prayer groups were also. As I was waiting in the entrance way I said to someone she’s here .. I can smell the roses. looked around and there you were. My husband Michael and I have a prayer group ( very special to us since 1998 a priest also helps as Blessed Mother and Padre Pio appears. Blessed Mother (sometimes Jesus) gives a message during the rosary which then goes to the priest and usually he allows us to put it up on the website- it’s for the world. I have a picture of you and I together and you are hugging me so tightly i’ll never forget it. I Love You Eileen. you will be in our prayers from now on especially when we pray with the prayer group on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm to 8:00pm. God Bless You Eileen and May Our Blessed Mother Be Always By Your Side. cecile

  7. Eileen please pray for the mental and emotional healing of my son. We have been to see you many times in Malvern. God Love you Eileen

  8. Dear Eileen
    As you have taught us Only
    God is in control Our prayers Holy Mass and Holy Communion go out to you and your children Love & Prayers
    Rosemarie & Steve Babey

  9. Eileen,surely,you’ll never spend Any time in purgatory because you’re suffering so much here on earth …and for US,too!Thank you for your ministry. Do you have any idea of how many souls you’ve saved and brought closer to GOD?Myself included,for which I am eternally grateful! Hope and prayers on your road to recovery..

  10. I don’t know what a CAPTCHA Code is, just guessing, that’s what I entered.
    I pray for Eileen and know she wanted to be well enough to go back to Korea. Well, it’s all about what Father wants. ..but my prayers will still continue for Eileen’s return to good health and the Korean people.
    Also, there are some of us in S. Jersey who are interested in coming to the retreat of October 2-5 in Still River. Since this is new to us, we need to know a little about the abbey etc.
    1) what is the closest airport, serviced by which airlines. Is there transportation from the airport to the abbey?
    2) does the $275 include staying in a room at the abbey, single, double, rooms, dormitory style or bathroom/room?
    3)is there anything contact at the abbey we should get in touch with for other questions?
    Please pray that we are able to get there, and safely. We’re so much looking forward to meeting with Eileen and we pray for her, for her strength to return, and her family, too. Many Blessings

  11. Dear Eileen; Sorry to hear you are in the hospital. I will keep you on all of the prayer lines I know but most of all I will and have been praying for you. Please also pray for me . I am schduled to have a shoulder replacement surgery on Aug. 21st. You once before prayed and also bilocated to the operating room where I had a metal plate fusion operation in my neck and I thank God I came thru this ok. You told me you we’re there during the surgery when I saw you at the luncheon given in your honor in Bensalem Pa. a few years ago. We miss you and love you dear Eileen. May the Lord heal you if this is His will. I had a healing thru the intercession of Archbishop Fulton Sheen of 4th stage kidney disease. It was documented by my doctor and given to Fr Apostoli the promoter of the cause for sainthood of Archbishop Sheen. Thank you Lord. Please also pray for our family. I’am married 52yrs this Sept 28th.2015. Thank you for all the prayers you have prayed for us in the past. Take care dear friend . Love & Prayers always, Fran Hovis