Renewal of vows

Today, Eileen’s priests renewed their vows to Bishop Joseph Pepe. Shortly, we will join the Benedictines for Vespers and dinner.

Renewal of priestly vows at Eileen's 2015 priests retreat

Renewal of priestly vows at Eileen’s 2015 priests retreat

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Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He is a webmaster, podcaster, and blogger. In his free time, Father is an avid Live Steam enthusiast.


Renewal of vows — 5 Comments

  1. Great news! Congratulations! I’ve been praying for all of you and for Eileen.
    Love and Prayers,

  2. Praising God our Father, Eileen is with us still for our Priests that continue to need her guiding words, through our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I since meeting you during one of your visits to St Elizabeth Anne Seton in Las Vegas NV., this came to be life changing for me.

    We Love you Eileen.


  3. Since I listened to you at my church years ago, you have gave me a strength to believe much harder and more lovingly. You have been my inspiration and you are in my prayers. May God bless you and your priest everyday until we meet him. Keep me in your prayers. Love and Peace always. Winnie

  4. Eileen,

    You truly reflect God’s love!! Your Ministry has strengthened my faith and I am so much the better for having attended your retreats. The love that you reflect is my shining example!! I quote you to my kids all the time. My two favorite are “The tongue has no bone but it breaks many a bone.” and “You were not baptized in pickle juice.” We miss you in Pittsburgh but the lessons you taught live on!! Please pray for all of us!

  5. Hi Father Jay,
    This probably isn’t the right spot for this comment but I was wondering if Eileen’s schedule is meant to state December 27 instead of the 22nd. The 22nd is a Tursday. Thank you.