Update on Eileen

I saw Eileen today, and gave her Holy Communion. She is doing a little better. She said that she misses all of you, loves you, and is praying for you.

Continue to pray for her full and speedy recovery.

NO VISITORS PLEASE! Eileen needs her rest!

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Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He is a webmaster, podcaster, and blogger. In his free time, Father is an avid Live Steam enthusiast.


Update on Eileen — 9 Comments

  1. Get well soon Eileen. We love you and are praying for your complete recovery. God Bless You and make you feel better. Love Deborah Nadareski

  2. Eileen my Spiritual Sister & Mother I can’t thank you enough for all the sacrificial love & suffering you have endured for the world to bring souls to Our Lord, all while sharing your Faith & the Trinitarian Love of the Father. My life will never be the same because God gave me the grace to see you.

    I first heard of you after reading about you in Frank Kelly’s book, who happened to be healed of his deafness at one of your services, yet it took quite a while for me to be able to see you the first time. That was another divine special day, because I had notebook in hand ready to take notes as I always do when I want to learn something, yet when you took the podium on the altar, you stated that you would not be staying after today’s service because you had to visit someone in the hospital.

    Well right then & there I closed my eyes & started to pray for whoever it was you were going to visit in the hospital & did not stop until your service was over. It was kind of funny, here I am waiting all this time to see you & that first day I don’t think I heard a word you said due to prayer… & that person in the hospital I find out later on was your son who just had a liver transplant.

    I do know that I lost my sense of smell & taste after brain surgery in March of 2009, & on this day you walked by me after your service on the way out the door & all of a sudden I started to smell roses. Well I opened my eyes & there you were walking right in front of me. I remembered that I opened my eyes to see where the aroma of roses was coming from & as you were walking by, you stopped ever so briefly, looked at me for a moment & moved on to the hospital…

    Whether it is roses, prayers, intercession, singing at the beginning & end of your services, listening to the Love message, listening to the healing’s called out or the prompting of the Holy Spirit… my thanks are not mine because of what you have taught this humble servant. My life is not mine, my prayers are not mine, as you so eloquently told us one day how you were given the gift of nothingness & that this was the greatest gift you ever received… Everything is the FATHER’S … Those words touched me & as Mother Teresa used to say in the 10 Station of The CROSS, when you allow God to possess you then he possesses you yet you also possess him…

    I pray for you daily & offer my communion to you & few other what I consider to be holy & humble servants of Our Lord… My day, my life, my family, my work, is so rich because your FAITH in the MUSTARD SEED Our Lord Jesus Christ… These words cannot express the gratitude that pours out of my body, mind, heart & soul, daily at the MASS or receiving the sacraments… You have allowed my encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ to Enter-In to the Trinitarian Heart of the Most Blessed Holy Trinity & the Most Blessed Holy Family… a place where I have always been yet my spiritual eyes have been sealed shut in the world. It is only recently that I am learning that yes I am receiving the Body, Blood, Soul, & Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament & although I think I am receiving him, He is really giving me the grace to bring me into the Church not so I can receive him, rather so he can receive me in all my sinfulness, brokenness…

    I will continue to pray daily for you, family, your Priests, Bishops, Cardinals & your intentions for the world.

    May the Good Lord continue to bless you abundantly & all those you touch with his infinite graces…

  3. Wow, that was so beautiful that Thomas wrote above. How eloquently well said about Eileen and her service to our Lord! I know that is her Love of Jesus Christ that allows Jesus to work through her and out to others. She is an example to me and everyone on how we must Love all of God’s children in order to serve Him with all of our hearts and Trust that He delivers all of His children with Love, no matter what the illness is. Our family is planning on seeing Eileen in June and pray that the Lord will bless and heal me and both of my children. Our testimony will give our Lord the glory that He so rightly deserves because of His Divine Mercy. We must pray for Eileen’s healing so that God can continue to show His mercy for Eileen and others who are so desparately in need of His Love and Mercy. Thank you Eileen for serving Jesus like a living Saint that you are.