Update on Eileen’s health

Eileen was released from the hospital over a week ago. She is recovering, but still very weak. Continue to pray for her. She sends her love and prayers.

NO VISITORS PLEASE! Besides needing her rest. Eileen’s spiritual director has made her home off limits.

Eileen’s 4th Sunday Service this Sunday, April 23rd, at St. John’s is NOT CANCELLED. Eileen cannot be there due to her health. However, one of her priests will conduct the service and Eileen will pray for us all from home.

About Fr. Jay Finelli

Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He is a webmaster, podcaster, and blogger. In his free time, Father is an avid Live Steam enthusiast.


Update on Eileen’s health — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you Father. It is so kind of you to keep us informed. God bless you and dear Eileen.

  2. May Jesus cover you with His precious Blood.you are included in my novena of Divine Mercy Thank you for your ministry for Daddy God…You are a blessing!

  3. Thanks for the update. So glad to hear that Eileen is doing well enough to be home with her loving family. I am not able to attend the service in Worcester this weekend because we have a full and loving celebration at St. Bernard Parish at St Camillus Church in Fitchburg for Divine Mercy Sunday. We have the Divine Mercy Perpetual Adoration Chapel as part of our parish so it is a really big day for us. We will continue to pray for Eileen during our day of prayer.
    Sending you love and God’s blessings.

  4. Eileen I . am praying for you, on this special day .Divine Mercy Sunday . I pray Jesus will heal and make you well . so you will be with us next month at Saint Johns Every morning you will be in my prayers. God Bless You Amen!!
    Connie Johnson Sterling Ma.

  5. Happy Easter again!
    “Welcome home, Mrs. Eileen George.”
    We are happy & keep pray for you.
    We miss you & love you very much!!
    Thank you very much Fr. Jay Finelli .

  6. Eileen, our prayers are with you for your courage and love to continue to do the will of the Lord. We will pray for you as you have so courageously done for others. Thank you for the Love you have shown everyone from our Lord Jesus Christ!

  7. We know that God is using Eillen’s suffering in His own unique, miraculous way. We are sorrowful and grateful at the same time. She is suffering to help Jesus save the most souls. So much going on in the world today, much prayer and sacrifice needed. Amen. KG

    • Eileen I am praying this very day ,that you are feeling better. Hope to see you this month at Saint Johns . Until then!! May Father God and our beloved Savior Jesus, send you many blessings on this very day. Amen!! Connie