Eileen has passed away

It is with great sadness that I share this news. Early this morning, I received a phone call that Eileen George has died. For latest news, subscribe in the right hand column and check out the link above “Latest News.” Please pray for Eileen, her family and all of her friends. I will post more information here as soon as I receive it.

Eileen with Archbishop George Pierce

Eileen with Archbishop George Pierce

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Eileen has passed away — 29 Comments

  1. Good Morning. My Condolences to the family.
    I met Eileen George decades ago at ‘St. John’s Temple.’ She was devout and an inspiration!!! God Bless.Tricia Kilmartin-Long

  2. We are so very sad to loose our dear sister and inspiration, Eileen. She is finally where she has so longed to be with her Father and Beloved God.

  3. Indeed it is our great sadness. I had a plan to join a retreat for lay people later this year. But she is with Him now. God bless her family.

  4. Eileen changed my life. I would not be where I am today without her influence and guidance through her retreats and books. It’s very fitting that she passed on Mother’s Day because she mothered all of us. She is with her daddy God and free. I am the poorer for her passing but blessed to have been in her presence. Thank you Eileen may you forever rest in your fathers arms.

  5. I am happy for her. God used her to help so many. I’m so grateful God used her to help me!
    Love and prayers to her family!!!

  6. What a sad day, but I believe that Our Blessed Mother came to deliver her soul to Our Loving compassionate Father Daddy God. Eileen please pray for us who are still journeying towards our kingdom where we will see you with Our Daddy God, your spouse Jesus for all eternity. I always loved you so much. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my soul. Love you.

  7. Thank you Eileen for your love and inspiration. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Rest in God’s peace. Prayers for all your family! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  8. So sorry to hear that Eileen has left us, but she has earned her reward. Will her May 28th service be held in memory of the great healing service she has provided to so many?

  9. As we express our individual grief, we also remember with fond memories all the times you reached out to us to spread the wondrous joy of God’s unfathomable Love. Eileen, may you now truly enjoy your eternal rest with our Lord and our Daddy God, which you so richly deserve. <3 †

  10. I am still moved by the one and only conversation I had with Eileen. Requiem In terra Pax Eileen please continue to pray for and guide us all. My sincere condolences to her family.

  11. Eileen I will never forget you. Please keep me and my dear family in your prayers .As we will pray for you always . Rest in Peace dear friend. Our sympathy and prayers to your family. Ron and Fran and family

  12. Take care of her Daddy God…she deserves the best. Mother Mary take her into your arms and hug her for me. My prayers will be for all of her family and friends. Rest in peace Eileen.

  13. I wonder why I feel sick & sad? This is the pain of death for us. But Eileen is glowing in the light of the Lord! Pray for us poor souls Eileen as we pray for you and your family. We thank God for your life and your memory will be with me forever.

  14. Oh my Jesus,what a glorious day in Heaven! Blessings to Eileen with all the souls she saved for Daddy God!!! We’re saddened,but,joyful and happy for her!!! Bless her family!!

  15. I have sadness in my heart for our loss. I have gratitude in my heart for Eileen’s never-ending generosity of time and spirit. She shared the love of God with everyone that she met and we are richer for it. In heaven there is much rejoicing. Rest in Peace Eileen and my deepest condolences to her family and friends.

  16. So many of us owe so much to this saintly woman. God take her quickly to her own special mansion in His kingdom. Just this morning I prayed that He take her quickly if that was His holy will.

  17. Sad for us but so happy for her. Eileen wanted nothing more than to be in Heaven with Jesus and Daddy God. Now she’s finally there – praise God! I am going to re-read all her books with fond memories. Thank you Father God for sharing Eileen with us, we are better people for it.

  18. Knowing you Eileen has changed my life and the life of my family and friends. Thank you so much for your wonderful life and love. Enjoy your wonderful valley in the Kingdom. I just want to say you had your Fathers eyes. Pray for us and let the graces fall. Thoughts and prayers are with Eileen’s family and friends.

  19. When I met Eileen, and listened to her I knew I was in the presence of a Saint who loved God the Father with the love a tiny child has for her Daddy. Thank you Eileen.

  20. Thank you Lord for Eileen’s life. Thank you Eileen for saying yes to Him

  21. A few years ago I wanted to be involved in hosting a public square rosary for Our Lady of Fatima. I met a woman who had been organizing these rosaries in our city. While we worked on the public rosary, Ceci mentioned Eileen George and she was surprised that I hadn’t heard of Eileen. Shortly after that I started attending the teaching and healing services at St. John’s in Worcester. I felt like we were long time friends. I didn’t expect to receive a healing but I did want to know what My Father wanted Eileen to tell us so I attended the services as often as possible. I am hard-of-hearing. When I went to Medjugorje, I was told that my hearing was not to be healed, it was my cross. That is why I didn’t expect to be healed. During the Lenten Season in 2014, Eileen held a teaching and healing session at Prince of Peace in Princeton. During the service Eileen told me that my hearing was not going to be fully restored but it was going to improve enough so I could understand what was being said better. And of course it happened and it happened immediately. I have damage to both hearing nerves as well as to my inner ear. There was no way I was to have an improvement in being able to understand what was being said. As a matter of fact my hearing had been deteriorating just as the doctors diagnosed.

    I thank God for sending Eileen to us. At the end of the last session I went to speak to Eileen before I left. I said, “so you are even going to help us deal with your dying.” Eileen said,” oh, yes. And keep praying for me.” I believe Eileen is the special person she claims to be in her books, retreats and sessions and I trusted her from the start. She has helped me be a better person and she brought me into a closer relationship with Daddy God and Jesus. I pray for all of us who will miss Eileen dearly And I rejoice that she is finally Home in the peace and comfort of Heaven.
    I will continue to pray to Eileen for continued help and guidance until I see her again in Heaven when we can sit by the stream and watch the different color fish and enjoy the beauty of Heaven.

  22. Father, you loved me then and I know now that you have always loved me. You knew this then Eileen and know this now that our Father in heaven has always loved me. With Praise and Thanksgiving I live with Hope. Father, a precious gift was given to the world through your daughter Eileen.

  23. I have multiple disabilities and looked forward to Eileen’s retreats. She will be missed greatly in Pittsburgh.

  24. I am so sorry. Only consolation is that Eileen doesn’t suffer anymore. That She is with Daddy God in haven.

  25. Dear Eileen
    Thank you for all the sharing of DADDY GOD & BUTCH You have brought us all closer to ourheavely father & Jesus and for this we thank you Cannot wait to be with you again I Know you are at peace & so joyful now. May your children be happy for you
    All our love
    Rosemarie & Steve Babey

  26. I met Eileen at St John’s church when my husband and I were having problems. We have since been married 33 years. God bless and thanks for all her many prayers for us.
    My condolences to her beloved family
    Lisa and Joe Menino
    Westfield, Ma

  27. So grateful for the life of this beautiful woman. I received a healing from depression through her from our Good God in 1998. Eileen, pray for us!