91st Birthday

July 23rd would have been Eileen’s 91st Birthday. Although Eileen was very sick for years, we never imagined the day she would leave us.

Here are some pictures from Eileen’s lay retreat in Jun of 2016 at St. Benedict Abbey in Still River, MA. On June 16th there was a 90th birthday party.

(Please note, an update to this website is in the works.)

Presenting Eileen a birthday cake.

The whole gang celebrating Eileen’s 90th birthday

One of Eileen’s many birthday cards

Eileen was so happy. She loved her people, and enjoyed being with them.

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Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He is a webmaster, podcaster, and blogger. In his free time, Father is an avid Live Steam enthusiast.


91st Birthday — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Fr. Jay for remembering Eileen’s Birthday, I sang the Happy Birthday song to her.
    Eileen has broth me so much closer to Our Daddy God, like no one ever has. Eileen please pray for the intentions I always asked you to pray for. Thank you Eileen and please don’t forget us here on earth.

  2. Thank you very much for remembering Eileen’s Birthday.
    we always pray with her to Daddy God.
    We miss her !!!
    But she is near me & teach me today, too.
    Thank you again Fr. Jay.

  3. Thank you Father for starting the first process of veneration she’s on her way to Sainthood.