Priests Retreat

This is the week that Eileen normally gave her annual Priests Retreat. Six of the priests who cam regularly decided that they would make retreat together. Each year, I would record Eileen’s talks at the annual retreat, so the men decided to use the cd’s and our normal schedule. I had the privilege of celebrating Mass with my brother priests, sharing a meal, and some good conversation. Please pray for Eileen’s priests. She worked with priests since the 1960’s.

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Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He is a webmaster, podcaster, and blogger. In his free time, Father is an avid Live Steam enthusiast.


Priests Retreat — 6 Comments

  1. God bless you all and may Eileen’s intercession give you much consolation as you gather together for the first time without her. Praise God that you can all be together and support one another. I will pray for you all. I feel blessed to have met you as well.

  2. I believe with all my heart eileen George like all the saints before her was chosen by God our loving father to lead by example which she did teach every soul she met with love and compassion the truths of our faith the beauty in the sacraments there before us the world yet to come our final destination of endless beauty and overflowing love joy and peace I ask her intercession for my soul my children and grandchildrens souls

  3. It is so gratifying to know that you will continue the Priest Retreats for now we have Eileen George guiding the retreat from heaven. I pray you O Mother of Perpetual Help through your intersession may Eileen George help guide our youth during their school years. May they be filled with the Holy Spirit to choose what is just in all their days of study.

  4. Whenever I pray the Our Father during Mass, I smile knowing Eileen is up there goofing around with Jesus and our Father. Through Eileen, I learned how to relax, relate, and talk to my heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Thank you, for continuing to spread her message of love.

  5. God bless all of our HOLY warriors for Christ the royal priesthood prayers for you all thank you. !

  6. How wonderful that you have decided to still meet! Eileen must be smiling down you from heaven as she surely must be pleased to see you all gathered together again to pray. God bless and keep you all close, showering His Love down on your community always.