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I found an explanation of Eileen and her ministry in the official newsletter of Meet-the-Father Ministry. It is included here.

Taken from “The Father’s Good New Letter” Volume I, No. 1 and 2 (1985 )
© 1985 Meet-The-Father Ministry

Who is Eileen George?

Eileen George is a wife and mother of eight children. She has terminal cancer, but she does not allow this to interfere with her teaching and healing ministry, and her ministry to priests.

Eileen is a Roman Catholic who is devoted to her Church and its teachings. She places herself at the service of all and loves all, regardless of race, color or religion.

Her Message

Eileen was chosen by God to bring a simple message to all people. He wishes to be recognized as a real father to His children, loving, gentle, caring; He wishes to be a part of their life. He is not aloof, cold, or authoritarian.

The Beginnings of Eileen’s Ministry

Eileen has always had a very great reverence for what she calls “the royal priesthood of Jesus Christ.” Priests began to come to Eileen for advice. They told her of their problems and difficulties, of things they did not even tell their confessors. They recognized in her a special love and wisdom, and realized that the Father revealed things to her, including the secrets of their hearts. This ministry began about mid 1960’s, when Eileen was in her thirties.

Eileen’s Mission

Gradually the Father has been unfolding the extent of Eileen’s mission. She now realizes that the special intimacy which was gratuitously given her by the Father with Jesus, with Himself, with the Holy Spirit, with Our Lady, the angels and saints, was given in view of the work He had in store for her.

In fact it seems that His purpose is through Eileen to bring many, and insofar as they respond, all, to a similar intimacy with Himself.

The Father and Eileen George’s Mission

The Father has told Eileen that He sent His Son to humankind. He sent His Mother. He sent the Holy Spirit. All have been rejected. That is, the world as a whole continues to live apart from the Father, enclosed in its own occupations with very little thought of Him or of its true destiny and purpose, which is union with Himself, for He alone can give it happiness.

The Father has now no one else to send. So He is coming Himself to His children through Eileen. He wants all people to know of His great love for them, of His desire to be a part of their life and to make them a part of His life. He has told Eileen that this is humankind’s last chance.

Eileen is a Beacon

The Father has a message for the world, which He is transmitting through Eileen. It is the Father’s intention that He “shine through Eileen as a beacon,” leading all to safety in His arms and to a new world of peace, justice and love. All those who help Him in this initiative of His love and mercy with an upright intention will be blessed by the Father.

How the Father’s Message is Given

How does the Father transmit this message? First of all, through the love of Himself and of His Son and the Holy Spirit that He has poured into Eileen’s heart and which radiates to people, and is visible to them, as is His joy. The Father wants Eileen to reflect Him and His love.

But He has also drawn Eileen into a deep intimacy with His Son and then with Himself. This intimacy is not just for Eileen. As she often says to the Father: “I want to love you more than anyone has ever loved you. I want all to love You as I love You.” And she adds: “But I want to love You the best!”

In other words, the Father has drawn her into this intimacy so that she in turn, by her prayers, sufferings, example, and teachings may lead others to a similar intimacy. She says: “You may not hear Him as I hear Him, but He will speak to you in a way He finds best for you.”

The Father wants everyone to know that He “loves them beyond all human understanding.” Eileen often says: “He adores you with a small ‘a’.” He asks that His children come to Him rather than separating themselves from Him by sin and lack of attention. He wants them to love Him, and to receive His gifts and blessings.

Eileen and the Church

Eileen is proud to be a Roman Catholic. She often says: “We have it all.” She does not mean by this that Catholics are all that they should be. In fact she believes that Catholics will only return to their identity when they return to sound doctrine and tradition.

While Eileen stresses the importance of sound doctrine and tradition, she is not a traditionalist. She accepts the doctrine and discipline of the Church, including the teaching of Vatican Council II, of John Paul II, and her local Bishop, the Most Reverend Timothy J. Harrington. Eileen believes in obedience to the Church. She says: “There has never been a disobedient saint and there never will be.”

Eileen will be Persecuted

The Father has told Eileen that she will be persecuted. But she will not waver from sound doctrine and tradition, nor water it down. She must be an example of courage to bishops, priests and lay people so that they too will stand firmly in their faith. To do this it is necessary to strive to love the Lord with one’s whole mind, heart, and strength, and one’s neighbor as oneself. Otherwise one will not be able to withstand the persecution which comes especially from well-meaning people within the Church. One must think, not of being popular, but of pleasing Jesus.

Eileen and the Ecumenical Movement

Eileen believes that those outside the Church lose their respect for Catholics who try to please them by watering down Catholic doctrine, even though to their face they may not indicate this loss of respect. In their hearts, they respect those who hold to their identity, to doctrine, and tradition. If the Church were to give up its identity, union with other Christians would not be unity but self-destruction.

Eileen teaches that faith is a shield. When a warrior bends too far outside his shield, he is wounded. This can happen to those who are trying to please those of other faiths. Eileen wants all to know where she stands. And she is ready out of service to all, for all are the Father’s beloved children.

Eileen’s Attitude Towards Her Mission

The extent of Eileen’s mission is awesome – but not to her. Eileen is so wrapped up in her love for the Father, and for Jesus, that her greatest suffering is her human separation from Him, imposed by her bodily life. This does not mean that Eileen does not enjoy her bodily life. She is had and rode an award winning horse, and is even an expert marksman. Through her bodily life, she knows and loves all of the Father’s creations, His plants, animals, and especially His children, in whom she finds His reflection.

Eileen is fulfilled in her life as a wife and mother. She accepts the activity required by her mission only insofar as her husband approved of it. She has very close family ties. She enjoys her domestic life. She says: “God did not make all the good things for the bad people.”

Nevertheless, for Eileen, this world, beautiful as it is, is but a pale reflection of the next world. For her, death will be the doorway to a fully unburdened life with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the angels, and the saints. Since she has terminal cancer, this full life is not far away – she desires and longs for this fullness of life, even though she is sensitive to the pain her going will cause her family and friends.

Meanwhile Eileen is conscious that the Father is sustaining her life so that she can carry out His work. She knows that she must finish this work before she can be with Him fully. Her mission, then, however great it may be in the eyes of her friends, is for her at times a duty that takes her away from her family. She does it willingly, out of obedience and love for the Father, and the good of His children.

Eileen says that as she goes on, the veils between her, and the Father, and Jesus are dropping, but she knows there are many more. For these veils to drop away she must strive to be a better person and fulfill the Father’s will. Only at death will all these veils fall away in her embrace of Jesus and of the Father.

Eileen and Her Gifts

Eileen does not look upon her gifts as the means to her personal sanctification. She recognizes that they are given to her for the building up of the body of Christ and as such they must be used faithfully by her for that purpose. She has repeatedly told the Father that she will go through any door He opens. He in turn has told her that He will not invade anyone’s free will. He offers the grace to others to open the door to Eileen’s ministry, but it is for them to accept this grace.

Eileen’s Healing Service

The second part of Eileen’s service is a healing service. The Father uses healings to manifest His love and to attract His children to the teaching, just as He did in Gospel times, when His Spirit drew the crowds to Jesus. At her healing services, the Father works healings, small and great, physical, psychological and spiritual, as well as domestic, and financial. Eileen urges all who receive a physical healing to confirm it with the their physician and then to come back and give glory to God. She tells them not to discontinue their medications and not to take off their braces, prescribed by their physicians, but to follow their doctor’s instructions. She says that God respects physician’s vocation, which comes from Him, and He will not overstep it.

A feature of these healings is “the world of knowledge,” by which the Father tells Eileen who is being healed, and of what they are being healed. She will often know some of the details, which she makes known only to the extent that this will not embarrass the Father’s children.

Eileen walks among the people during her healing services, and sometimes she touches one or another who is being healed, and sometimes whispers words to them. At her services the Father gives all who come and who are open to Him an increase of love for Him and of each other. They leave changed.

While people often come for the healings, their interest shifts to the teaching, which heal them at a deeper, spiritual level, bringing peace, and renewed purpose to their lives. This leads them to recognize the Father’s love, and to respond with love for Him, and to become better people.

In her teaching as well as in her healing service Eileen explains that those to whom the Father does not give a healing are nonetheless loved by Him. He gives them spiritual gifts of great value to change their lives and to become better and happier persons.

Eileen often says that she is not the healer, Jesus alone is the healer. She says that Jesus honors the expectant faith which people have in coming to healing services.

Eileen and Priests

Eileen says that priests are unique and irreplaceable. They are necessary to the laity and to the Church. Through them Jesus comes onto the altar and into the hearts of the faithful and abides in the tabernacle.

Eileen teaches that priests need to be loved, not judged nor chastised. Good priests will become better and draw others with them to Jesus.

Eileen’s Cancer

Eileen has one of the fastest growing types of terminal cancer, melanoma of the lymph glands. This disease is in a remission at present. Eileen wishes to be helpful as she can in the time remaining to her, and to carry out fully the mission the Father has confided to her.

Eileen and the Meet-The-Father-Ministry, Inc.

Eileen has given to the Meet-The-Father Ministry (of which she is a member and officer) the copyright on all her publications in every form. It is the Meet-The-Father Ministry which presents Eileen in all her services. Eileen accepts peronally no financial return for her services, tapes or publications. The Father gives His word freely, and Eileen passes it on freely.

While Eileen is unhappy at the thought of a biography about her being published, she has authorized the Meet-The-Father Ministry exclusively to produce works on her teachings, as well as her biography after her death. The copyright on all her productions reserves the rights to them so that they can be used in a responsible way in transmitting her teachings and the story of her life to posterity.

Taken from “The Father’s Good New Letter” Volume I, No. 1 and 2 (1985 )
© 1985 Meet-The-Father Ministry


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  1. Our family came to see Eileen on November 21, 2013 at the Malvern Retreat house and found out that our dear sweet Eileen was too sick to come out. She has been on my mind, and in my prayers We were wondering if she needs us to pray more for her intentions, especially if she is approaching her final days here on earth. I have such trust in our Lord that He would let us know if His beloved servant was joining Him, so I feel silly writing you, but I hope I am acting in obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Please let Eileen know we are praying for her and for God’s perfect Will to be done

    • Please do continue to pray for Eileen. She is not dying and is not “approaching her final days here on earth.” Eileen had three minor heart attacks, and like anyone in recovery needs to heal. She will appreciate knowing that people are praying for her.

      • Hi Father, bought Eileen’s books a couple of years after surfing and finding the website smiles. I don’t always remember the names of everyone that might or has asked for my prayers and it would take “forever” to recite them all by name. I’ve tended to, recently, include the phrase in intentions after Communion ” and for all those who are in need of prayers and for their intentions”. I’ve never met Eileen but do believe in her, if that’s the right way to say it. Please let her know that I’ll include her in my prayers. Will write her name down too. Thanks Father.

  2. I plan on attending one of Eileen’s healing services soon and I have a couple of questions:

    1) Is there a Mass during the service with Holy Communion?

    2) How crowded are the healing services? Should I get there early to make sure I have a seat?

    3) Does Eileen have time to speak with people individually at the end of the healing service?

    I would appreciate any answers to my questions. Thanks!

  3. It is beyond the words to described privilege of knowing Eileen. Thank you for bringing me closer to our Father and Jesus. Marlena

  4. I would like to come to Eileen’s service this Sunday (February 23rd), but I am traveling from out of state. Eileen was sick and wasn’t at the last service in January, so I would like to know if she will be at this service. Please let me know if she will be at this service so I will know if I should come. I would appreciate it, thank you.

  5. I just wanted to write and say what a wonderful service Eileen and the priests gave this past Sunday. Many healings took place too. There was a cure of myopia , a cure of a root canal, cure of asthma, cure of bronchitis, remission and cure of lupus, chrones disease, and other cancers. One woman was cured of endometriosis and was told she will conceive a child soon. High blood pressure was cured too. I encourage people to come to Eileen’s services to see God work in action. Eileen was very compassionate and had a great sense of humor. It was really cool!

  6. Dear Eileen, Saw you doing Jesus work at ST. Casimer church in Philadelphia, PA—Long time ago, Father Eugene Wassel — I know you will remember him! He’s with God now. I am asking that maybe you can ask Jesus to heal my grandson Michael, he is in the “Autistic spectrum”–We love him no matter what its called. I wish you well and keep your chin up. I just remembered I have wine, that Father Wassel gave me — it came from your place. I will try that. I will add YOU to MY prayers!

    • Was this Father Wassel also stationed in Mahanoy City, PA? If so…..i attended a retreat at Malvern Pa .What an awesome Priest and Eileen was so so special! God bless them both!!

      • He was from some town in PA –he grew up there. He also had cousins — that were Priest. I don’t remember what town though. He was a wonderful man of God. We all loved him. He was pretty funny too.

        • Hello my name is Mary Riley I live in North Augusta South Carolina .I just came across a article on Eileen and I read all about how Eileen was a good and faithful servent to Our Lord Jesus !! God bless her . I was reading your message about your autistic grandson and I have and autistic grandaughter as well .I seen where you said about the healing wine .Is there any way I could obtain some for my granddaughter I’ve been helping to take care of my granddaughter I myself have ovarian cancer my sister has breast cancer as well and my father recently passed away with breast cancer things have been kind of hard Hyatt has ADHD as well as autism she she doesn’t recognize any sense of danger and has no fear we got it we got to constantly be on our feet running after her she’s never still she’s a handful but we love her dearly please if there is any way and you find out about any of the healing one could you please contact me my address is 1303 Edgefield Road North Augusta South Carolina 29860 please please pray for my granddaughter Hyatt Hyatt Teresa and pray for us also and I promise I will pray for everyone here and I will pray for Eileen to go before the Throne of God and to help us all thank you my friend God bless you and your loved ones

          • I meant to say if you know anyplace I can obtain just a drop of the healing wine for my grandauhghter I will be forever greatful to you .Thank You and may Gods Blessing Rain down upon you and your loved ones.

          • Hello my name is Mary Riley I live in North Augusta South Carolina I just ran across an article about Eileen George’s Ministry and her wonderful Devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother I am a devout Catholic the lead singer in our church choir oh I wanted to ask everyone reading this to please pray for my granddaughter Hyatt Sherlock I want to tell you a little bit about Hyatt she’s a beautiful 9 year old little girl full of life and we love her dearly hi and has autism and ADHD the doctor said one of the worst cases of ADHD they seen how does nonverbal and has no sense of fear or danger Hyatt has to be looked after 24/7 I help my daughter I took care of my father I was his caregiver I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer August 2012 my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer August 7th 2011 by the grace of God are doing fine but my father was diagnosed with breast cancer two years later when I found out I had breast cancer my husband it was too much for him so I decided to leave I moved in with my mother and my father chemo is really hard I used an experimental drug on me it was like an IP chemo what they called a chemo wash by the grace of God I’m in remission two years after me finding out I had cancer discovered my father had cancer so being through with my chemo still in remission I decided to stay home with my mother and father and become the caregiver my daughter lives next door to my mother and father so I helped with my granddaughter as well my father passed away August 20th 2017 and I’m so heartbroken I miss him every minute of every day I’m begging you please anyone reading this please keep my granddaughter Hyatt and my family in your prayers please pray for healing for Hyatt and if it’s such a thing that there’s not a healing for God to let her start to understand and to slow down so we can help take care of her I read in one of the articles about healing one that some people obtained through prayer services while with Eileen George if anyone has any of the healing wine just to drop please please if anyone can spare any of it will you please contact me it would be Mary Riley under Facebook or it would be all lower case letters my address is 1303 North Augusta South Carolina 29860 God bless all his reading this you and your loved ones God bless thank you

  7. I attended Eileen’s healing service a few years ago and I truly believe I was healed. When she mentioned my particular disease, I thought, “It can’t be for me! I was actually praying for a differently healing!” Soon after, my doctors said I was in complete remission. Praise Jesus! Today my heart is very sad yet VERY hopeful. Please pray for my sons that are battling addiction. I am so worried for them both and I need strength from Mother Mary and her beloved son. Please pray for sons’ healings and return to the church. Amen!
    I will pray for you and your wonderful ministry also. God Bless all you do.

  8. Oh that is good news. I remember seeing it on the 2014 schedule, but recently it is not there so I was wondering if it was cancelled because the first one listed is August’s.

  9. Thank you for including me in this e-mail. I have only known Eileen for a year but I feel like she has been part of my life from the start. Please give her my love and let her know that I am praying for her and the Divine Mercy Perpetual Adoration Chapel adorers are also praying for her. Eileen will have prayers said for her around the clock.
    God bless you,

  10. 8-13-2014 – My girlfriend, Debbie and I want to travel to Mass. one day and meet Eileen, I do hope she is feeling better, and thank you for giving this information to us via web. May God bless our country, our world and help us all with peace. Please pray for Brenda, Father Guy Baccaro of St. Paul’s Church Oswego NY, Denise, Janine they all need prayers for no cancer, Janine esp. she is stricken with a type of debilitating disease from lyme, tick bite…ahhh…thank you for all your prayers..may God Bless my son – Bobby, to have the desire for holiness, and my daughter Anna also – all our families who need protection from the worldly desires..thank you Eileen God bless you xoxox

  11. Will Eileen have a healing service this Sunday at 3 (August 24th) at Saint John’s? Is she well enough, I hope? I went to the one in July and it was wonderful. Thanks so much and she is in my prayers.

  12. dear Eileen , I would like to attend your retreat at Malvern with my youngest son ,he is asking the Blessed Mother and Jesus Christ the son of the Father for healing, Please let us attend as we have been under duress fro a long time.

  13. Hi,
    I live upstate NY. I would like to know if the healing service scheduled for December 28, 2014 is going to happen. God bless you.

  14. Eileen, I hope you are well. Are you going to be at St. John’s on Jan 25? I would like to come and listen to you.

  15. I’m so glad to see that Eileen is giving retreats this year. I pray for her everyday. God bless her! What a beautiful person.

  16. Hi. I’ve been reading Eileen’s books and they are a great consolation right now after the death of my mom. I’m wondering if Eileen ever saw her family members in heaven, especially parents, grandparents etc. Did it ever come up why she did not see them? I found one part where she asks the Father why she saw no people and she found when she thought of someone, in that case St. Benedict, the person appeared. Did this happen with family members? Thanks, Dawn

  17. I need urgent prayers for my son, to return to the church and his marriage and to be faithful to his med. vocation. Please pray for him, he is straying from his faith and my fasting and praying is not enough. Please pray for him Eileen, may our Father’s will be done!

  18. I once met Mrs. George in Forestport,NY a long time ago but have not heard of her since until today. I have been reading about the messages from our Blessed Mother out of Scranton,Pa. when I saw this website. Please put me on your e-mails and I hope to keep better informed. Thank you and GOD BLESS. gff

  19. I have been read news about George on the internet. I want to send a letter to George to ask or help some problems. I’m in South Korea. Please I really connect her for help. Thanks a lot

  20. I saw Eileen in Mahonoy City many years ago and was pleased to find she is still in ministry. I would love to attend one of her retreats

  21. Dearest Eileen my guess is that you receive constant requests. A friend told me to look you up, I am surprised at the generosity our Lord has shared with you in personal knowledge and understanding of the kingdom. I strive daily to reach a faith as strong as yours, what a perfect example for all to follow. I will certainly pray for you and your family and all of the people you have touched. I ask that you speak with our Lord on the healing of my sister Marian Dahlquist.she is an alcoholic and drug user who has a wake of destruction in her path. I pray that she can find peace in her personal hell, I pray the Lord shows us how too accept what we have tried decades to change. Please, p please pray for her, she needs our Lord as a friend, confidant and love. Thank you!

  22. Is Eileen’s husband still alive? I ask for virtue from our Lord for me and my addict daughter and my son…and grandsons and protection for my 1 year old grandauhter.
    Mary Larkin

  23. Eileen, So glad you are still doing retreats. I went to several of your retreats at St Paul of the Cross in Pittsburgh Pa. You gave me the name of my guardian angel and I pray for you daily. Please pray for me and my family. I have a 2 year old grandson that has not been baptized yet and I pray for his mother who is an atheist…my son his father believes in Jesus but has not been going to church. Thank you so much for your ministry. Barb

  24. Hello!Thankyou for your many prayers. I am no longer close in any way to my little husband.
    Please pray I will make it to live a long, blessed and very happy, holy life with a beautiful, happy passing older than you are currently since you still are not even old. Thank you again so very much!!!

  25. Will Eileen George be coming to nj seen her before at st Michael in netcong with fr nick was so wonderful think of her all the time God bless her

  26. Sorry for Eileens family and close friends praying for you all but finally Eileen is fully alive with our loving father our savior Jesus the holy spirit our blessed virgin Mary st Joseph all the angels and saints i attended two separate healing masses at st Michael’s church in Netcong new Jersey what a gift to every person that witnessed Eileen George beaming with such love for our father describing heaven in such fantastic detail never have i ever wanted to see for myself I long for the world to experience the reward that is promised to all God’s children pray for our world peace conversion our souls pray for me and my family Eileen George

  27. We are sad that she has died but happy that she is not going to suffer anymore because she is now in heaven with GOD. We will miss you Eileen. The husband and wife couple.

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