People often ask if Eileen George is trustworthy. “Is her ministry in accord with the Catholic Church?”, “Is she real or a fake?” Throughout the history of the Church God has raised up men and women with extraordinary gifts, charisms, and radical love for God so that there might be a renewal within the whole of the Church. We know of people like St. Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Francis & Claire of Assisi and Catherine of Siena. Each of these people were rejected as troublemakers, and extremists until they were proved by God and the Church. The above mentioned men and women, although very unique individuals, have a common thread that weaves throughout their lives. First, they were people of deep faith, who lived on the grace of a strong Sacramental life. Second, they were in complete submission to the Church. Third, they were unfailingly united to the successor of St. Peter – the Pope.

This same thread can be seen in the life of Eileen George. She is a woman of deep faith. Her whole life is centered on Jesus Christ and the road to holiness. Eileen has a deep love for and experience of the Sacramental life. In her own words, “I could not live one day without receiving the lover of my soul in Holy Communion.”

Eileen’s ministry is in complete submission to the Church. Her spiritual life and ministry are under the direction of the Church. All of Eileen’s books and video tapes are scrutinized by her spiritual director before they are released to the public. Eileen’s teaching and healing ministry began through the direct intervention of the Bishop of Worcester, and continues under his guidence. All of Eileen’s services, conferences and retreats are only accepted with a letter of permission from the Bishop of the diocese that she will enter.

Eileen’s ministry has been praised by Bishops and Cardinals from around the country and the world. Some of the Bishops who esteem Eileen and her ministry are:


  • Stephen Cardinal Kim, Archbishop of Seoul – Korea
  • Cardinal Krol (former Archbishop of Phildelphia)
  • John Cardinal O’Connor, Archbishop of New York


  • Archbishop Anthony Bevilacqua of Philadelphia
  • Archbishop Juan Dias, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to Korea
  • Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick of Newark
  • Archbishop Roger Mahony of Los Angeles
  • Archbishop George Pearce, S.M. (Archbishop Emeritus of the Fiji Islands)


  • Bishop Willem Michel Ellis of Dutch West Indies
  • Bishop Bernard Flanagan
  • Bishop Louis E. Gelineau (formerly of Providence)
  • Bishop Hubbard of Albany
  • Bishop Timothy Harrington (former Bishop of Worcester, MA)
  • Bishop James McHugh of Camden
  • Bishop Robert E Mulvee, Bishop of Providence (formerly of Wilmington)
  • Bishop Daniel Reilly, Bishop of Worcester (formerly of Norwich)
  • Bishop James C. Timlin of Scranton
  • Bishop Thomas Tschoepe of Dallas
  • Bishop Thomas J. Welsh of Allentown

There are also many more Bishops and thousands of Priests who could be added to this list.


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  1. Dear everyone! I love to know our new and updated page here. I’ll let our community know we have happy ground here. God the father Bless to you all.

  2. Praise God in His servants! I attended a prayer service hosted by Mrs. George. She received a Word of Knowledge that i would be healed of depression and i was!