Eileen’s 2017 Schedule

Retreats are listed at the bottom of the page!

 June 25 – Sunday, 3:00 PM

Fourth Sunday Teaching and Healing Service

We will hold a special final service at St. John’s, where Eileen had her monthly services for many years.

PLEASE help spread the word!

St. John’s Church
44 Temple St.
Worcester, MA
(Google Maps)

Retreats – CANCELLED

September  11-15, 2017 – Priests Retreat

(Monday thru Friday)

Retreat Location:

St. Benedict Abbey
252 Still River Rd. (Rt. 110)
Still River, MA 01467
(Google Maps)


Meet-The-Father Ministry
363 Greenwood Street
Millbury, MA  01527

June & October  – Lay Retreat



Schedule — 22 Comments

  1. Have just heard of your ministry, after your NJ visit. Would like to know if you are planning another visit in 2010? I have checked your calendar for the rest of this year and did not see anything close for me.

  2. God bless you for all that you do for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and sacrifices. I remember you in prayer.
    With love and gratitude and prayer.
    Judy Prescott Mooney
    PS I hope to be able to attend a healing/prayer service soon.

  3. dear eileen,
    i have met you a year ago at padre pio was the greatest moment in my life!please tell me when you will be in or around this area of n.j.again?we all need to be close to our lord and savior and you give us such a good feeling and the courage to do so.please,eileen,please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    peggy from philly

    • Eileen is always invited by the pastor or a priest in the parish with the pastor’s permission. Once she receives an invitation, she writes to the bishop for his permission to enter the diocese. If you would like Eileen to visit, speak to your pastor.

  4. I would like to know when Eileen will be coming up to the Pottsville, Pa. area again.

  5. I went to Eileen’s healing service at the Church of St. Theresa in No. Reading, MA last night. I left feeling full of god’s love. The guided meditation was so beautiful and I met Mary and Jesus there, the feeling was awesome! Thank you Eileen for continuing to spread the truth, that Jesus is LOVE and MERCY. I believe the tide is turning away from the old “robotic” way to the new (and yet very old) way of understanding that god is love. “They will know we are christians by our love”. AMEN

  6. Eileen, please pray for my son Christopher and his family that they find true happiness through the Lord.He is going through some rough times tight now with his wife and her mother and his 2 beautiful children who both have a form of Autism. Pray for God to give him the strength to get through each day as it come. God Bless you.

  7. I am unable to attend any of your scheduled prayer meetings. When will you have anything for after November 18th?

  8. We will see you in New Phila in May ,hope you can come to our church in McAdoo forone healing mass between 5-10-12 /5-12-12 you came there last year

  9. I was wondering if you ever come to Florida? I live in Jacksonville. My dad and sister go to see you in Princeton, MA and Worcester, Ma. I have heard so much about you and what you do. I lost my mother to Alzheimers on January 7, 2012. She used to attend your retreats with my dad a few years back when she was better (before Alzheimers). I will try to see you up north one day, but it would be easier if you were ever to come here. My finances are tight so I only am able to go up north to visit dad a couple times a year. I spent a lot of time from November until January with my mom and that hurt me financially. Not sure when I can get up north again. Thank you for all you have done for my family.

    • All of Eileen’s services are at the request of the Pastor of the parish and the permission of the local Bishop. If Eileen is invited, it will be listed in the schedule. Your Pastor is welcome to invite Eileen.

  10. Dear Eileen: Its been a long time since i have been to your services in Netcong,NJ. I thanks God that Fr. Nick at St. Michaels contacted you many yrs ago! i hope to be there this summer and would like to go on retreat too.
    i want you to know that about 20 yrs ago my mom went to your service in Brooklyn and was healed the very next morning of yrs of back pain. She is no 90yrs old and kicking! my sister then went to see you in another church in Brooklyn and was healed of painful ovarian cyst/(monthly). my brother who was away from the church several yrs accompainied her and to our surprise he immediately returned to the church and became a Eucharist minister, CCD teacher, began making rosaries, and was a daily communicant for quite sometime.
    We thank you for your diligent work for the Father & Jesus with the Spirit! I will pray for you. for lent i gave up tv and re-read through and pondered all your books.
    I feel have a new friendship with you and the Trinity again. Thank you ! vivian

  11. Would love to attend your retreat in November. Cannot download the registration form.
    Kathy Walsh

  12. Hello Everyone,

    Just wondering, does Eileen write back to you when you write to her?

    Thank You,


    • I can’t really guarantee that she will write back. Her spiritual director wants her to keep a distance for the sake of her spiritual life. She reads all letters and prays for everyone who writes and comes to the services.

  13. Somewhere between 5 and 10 years ago I attended your healing service at Malvern. I was suffering from neck pain and had been told by a neurologist that there was no treatment for it and to come back for medication when the pain became too great. I heard about your healing service and attended it. I was so unimpressed by it that I left without attending the reception afterwards and was actually quite angry that I had wasted my time. As I was driving home, I realized that the pain had disappeared. It has never returned. God bless you and your ministry!

  14. Eileen, please pray for my daughter , Maria, who is nonbeliever. She is looking for God for so many years. She is even trying to pray in synagogue, talking to rabbi.
    She was raised as catholic, lost her path to God.
    Eileen pray for me , heath of my body and soul.
    I feel like dead inside.
    God bless your work and life and everyone who is trying reach your pray.